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   QikDraw Professional 9


QikDraw is a comprehensive professional Computer Aided Design (CAD) product, designed to give you a competitive edge. Using a Windows environment, QikDraw delivers speed, flexibility and an user-friendly interface at a price you can afford.

With the development of QikLink, QikDraw Professionals has broadened to involve presentations, documentation, asset management and customer management.

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  QikRoof - www.qikroof.com


QikRoof is a service we offer for providing steel roof calculations. Using our propriety software, we can quickly produce an accurate model of a roof in 3D, and generate a precise sheeting take-off that reduces wastage to an absolute minimum. Simply provide us with the plans and dimensions of a roof, and you will have the take-off in as little as a day. Our software also provides fool-proof instructional layout drawings to reduce the chances of on-site mistakes.

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   QikQuote - Shed / Verandahs / etc...


At QikDraw, we have developed a specific customised solution enabling users to quickly produce quotes on the fly in a matter of minutes. With the customisations, the quotes can be accompanied by 3D models, 2D layouts, accurate costings, accurate estimations, council drawings and any other outputs you require.

This specific software is suitable for all types of businesses requiring customer specification, including sheds, verandahs, landscapes, pergolas and more.

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   QikDraw Customised Solutions


We have the ability to effectively customise our package to meet your specific needs. Wherever there is a need for accurate calculations, graphical input or output and other data or design requirements, QikDraw can fulfill your needs.

There is no limit to the applications that QikDraw can be used for - find out more now

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3D House Package [Ringwood Designs]

The 3D House Package produces a 3D model from your 2D QikDraw floor plan, with the roof and walls generated automatically. Windows and doors are chopped out and the model can also be used to easily create walk-throughs and fly-overs. From the 3D model, full sets of drawings including elevations and isometrics are extracted in minutes. Isometrics would normally be too time consuming to be produced by traditional means, but are so quickly produced automatically that they are provided with the roof on and off and with see through windows.

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QDElect Electrical Package

QDElect is an add-on program for QikDraw designed to improve the efficiency of producing and maintaining electrical drawings.

The key functions are:-

  • Wires can be renumbered in blocks. Breaks in the wiring are automatically taken care of. Connected wires are treated as being the same. Terminals are treated as connectors without affecting the wire number.

  • Terminals can be renumbered in blocks.

  • Relays and switches are cross-referenced.

  • The line numbers corresponding to the switches are displayed adjacent to the relays.

  • When the switches are moved, deleted or copied, the cross-referencing will be automatically updated.

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Guthrie CAD Utilities

Guthrie CAD Utilities offers a host of QikDraw and CAD related applications and add-ons. Among them are;

  • DWG Translator - When saving in DWG format, this facility also allows you to tailor exactly how you would like your symbol files, lines, pens layers, etc. to be treated when saving as a DWG file and then reading them.

  • QikEdit - This utility provides the ability to create new text modify text or import text or tables. Other features included are the ability to search a drawing for text, to print selected text and to export text.

  • Symmaker - Symmaker converts AutoCAD .SHX / .SHP font files to QikDraw Symbol Files.

+ many more, including a comprehensive CAD viewer...
visit www.guthcad.com.au


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