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QikDraw’s Customised Software solutions are expansion modules that are adapted and built onto the existing QikDraw Professional CAD (Computer Aided Design) engine for the specific purposes of meeting the particular needs of each client. This enables us to master a combination of visual and calculative manipulations. With this in mind, we believe that the most benefits of customising specific modules using our proven CAD engine will be from applications where there is a need for a combination of GRAPHICAL and LOGICAL outputs. 

In our experience, developing graphics intensive applications using the QikDraw platform will take less than half the time if compared to using other platforms. The resultant application will also contain fewer bugs and is much more reliable. 

Current Example Usages of our Software include: 

  • Sheds - Retail and Manufacturing
  • Carports - Retail and Manufacturing
  • Verandahs - Retail and Manufacturing
  • Gazebos - Retail and Manufacturing
  • Housing - Timber Takeoffs
  • Housing - Automatic Model and Drawing Generation

An excellent example of customisation and a more specific offshoot of our customised software solutions is our QikQuote package. This package, customised to your specific quotation needs, allows you to dynamically produce quotes, 2D layouts, council plans, orders, 3D models and whatever else you need in no more than a few minutes. This package is perfect for anything that is produced to customer specifications, such as pergolas, sheds and verandahs. If you visit our QikQuote page, you can get a better understanding of how a customised solution can help increase your businesses efficiency. Find out more


Our Customised Solutions can be developed from scratch or adapted from our existing library of modules. An example of some of our existing modules include:

  • Product Quotations (QikQuote)
  • Timber Takeoffs / Measurements
  • 3D Models
  • 2D Layouts
  • Council Drawings
  • Automatic Production of Sets of Drawings
  • Automatic Roofing and Guttering Generation
  • Bill of Materials

Find out more about our modules

Top 5 Benefits of a Customised Solution


o      By using a customised program to streamline production, you will be able to manage a larger workload with the same resources or the same workload with fewer resources.

 ·         REDUCE ERRORS

o         Doing things long hand will always introduce the possibility of errors. And errors translate into unbudgeted expenses. With an automated and visually interactive system, the chances of errors are greatly reduced.  


o         Our customisation allows up to output data into common formats, such as “.TAB” “.CSV” or “.TXT”. This allows us to output data to fit in with existing systems, such as accounting or manufacturing systems.

 ·         EASE OF USE

o         We design the software to be as easy to use as possible. Contact us to get a demo CD, so you can determine for yourself how easy it is to use.

This also means that there is a minimal need for training and there is a broader potential user group, not just experts.


o         Because our software is built off our existing base, the amount of development time can be greatly reduced and there can be a greater assurance of software reliability


As each project is unique, it is difficult to give a price for any particular project. The main factors that will be considered when determining the price of a project include complexity (the amount of specifications and “rules” which need to be applied to the overall software model), programming time, time constraints (more intense production will incur greater associated costs), and the quality of the specifications.

Following the completion of the project the software will need to be maintained and enhancements can be made to increase the functionality of the software.


Maintenance costs can either be done on an hourly basis ($100$80+GST / hour, payed in blocks bought in advance) or a set amount of hours per month for an annual fee, to be negotiated. Normal maintenance on a not too complex project should not exceed 5-10 hours per month.


Enhancements are extra modules that can be adapted into existing software at a negotiable price per project (again, depending on complexity). Generally an enhancement will be produced at a discounted, more cost effective rate than the creation of a new project, since we have a base for the module to be added on to.


Beyond the costs of the project, there is an annual licensing fee associated with the usage of our base CAD package to operate the software. This is a flat discounted fee of $500 per license. Included in the licence, is a fully functional version of the QikDraw Professional CAD package.

This licensing fee also includes full software maintenance and upgrades.


For more information we strongly suggest you contact us directly with your questions and requirements so that we can give you a proper quote.



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