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With the 3D House package, in as quick as 2 MINUTES you can produce...

  • a 2D House Floor plan

  • a 3D model

  • Isometrics

  • Details and Furnishings

  • a Full set of drawings

  • and more!

South Australian based design & drafting business, Ringwood Designs based in Mt Gambier has drastically reduced the time for drawing and detailing house plans. This has been achieved by developing a specialised set of opal programs and macros for the award winning CAD package QikDraw. Ringwood Designs now offer this 3D House Package as an add-on to QikDraw Professional.

The 3D House Package produces a 3D model from your 2D QikDraw floor plan, with the roof and walls generated automatically. Windows and doors are chopped out and the model can also be used to easily create walk-throughs and fly-overs. From the 3D model, full sets of drawings including elevations and isometrics are extracted in minutes. Isometrics would normally be too time consuming to be produced by traditional means, but are so quickly produced automatically that they are provided with the roof on and off and with see through windows.

A large range of 3D symbols are provided, including: Windows- Sliding, Bay, Awning and Double Hung. Doors- Internal, External, Internal & External Sliding, and Roller Doors. Kitchen- Cupboards, Sink, Oven, Fridge, Freezer, etc. Living- Chairs, Tables, Beds, Woodfire, TV etc. Bathroom-Bath, Shower, Toilet, Vanity.

This house package also provides parametric house sections from the dimensions the user inputs. These sections cater for raft slabs or strip footings; brick or stone external walls; timber or solid stone internal walls; and an iron or tile roof. The house section is fully notated and easily customised by the user to suit the requirements of their local authority. All of these features combine to give the user a powerful 'house detailing' package. With the improved rate of production, more options can be shown to clients.

The clients can also better understand exactly what is being proposed. Robert Fox from Radiata Drafting is thoroughly convinced. After installing the 3D House Package together with  QikDraw, he said, "my drawing time for house elevations has been cut by 80%. 6-8 hours are saved from each job."

He went on to say customers just love the isometrics because they can see exactly what their house will look like, both inside and out, before the slab is even poured. Apart from all the 3D symbols provided, Robert is already making his own to add to his personal collection, speeding up future projects even more.

When the clients ask for those dreaded changes, ease of alteration is a significant bonus of working with this package. Doors, windows or any of the 3D symbols can be moved to new locations by simply dragging with the mouse. These same symbols can be changed to different styles or sizes simply by editing their names. After making the changes to the 2D floor plan, run the program and within minutes all the elevations, isometrics and 3D model are updated.         

Ongoing Support

As QikDraw improves with each new version so does our 3D House Package. Full annual maintenance is an option most of our customers elect to take up. This service provides the customer with extra features, improvements and upgrades throughout the year, as well as full technical support, should the customer experience any difficulty.

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