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QikDraw Systems - Innovation You Can Afford
"Qikdraw is a long established CAD system of Australian origin."

QikDraw Systems Pty Ltd is a high technology company based in Adelaide, Australia, specialising in the development of CAD software products for the engineering, architectural and construction industries and in the design and production of multimedia CAD applications.

Founded in 1987 after some four years of extensive software development, QikDraw Systems has provided a range of CAD software products which have become well established in Australia, and is widening its penetration abroad. QikDraw has established a proven record of success and has backed this search for success with several coveted awards, including the Australian Design Award and the MTA Computer Graphics Award.

QikDraw's client base includes some 3000 users ranging from government, education and private sectors.

QikDraw Systems is continually evaluating the latest developments in information technology, and is totally committed to the design and development of software for all facets of technical computing. Also, the company is actively engaged in the development of multimedia products and stereograms, to tap into the international market place.

The objective of QikDraw Systems is to become a significant developer of customised CAD products incorporating realtime rendering and is totally committed to increasing the marketing of locally designed and produced products in the global marketplace.

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