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QikQuote is a special offshoot of our QikDraw Customised solutions package. Generally speaking, these systems have been designed for, but not limited to, the shed and pergola/patio/verandah supply industry. With a bit of imagination, QikQuote may be implemented into your company.

Within these industries, QikQuote is a tailored approach to a full system facilitating your core business process. By tailored we mean we design and implement a system which is based on your needs and your products / companies specifications. If you need a system just to do quotations, we can make it just produce quotes. If you need a system to produce 3D models, we can make it produce 3D models. If you need to produce a particularly set of drawings, we will make the system produce a set of drawings. All depending on the complexity of the logic involved - anything is possible (some more than others!)

Main Benefits of QikQuote

QikQuote has all the benefits of a customised solution (which are listed on the Customised Solutions page) such as

  • Greater Efficiency

  • Reduce Errors

  • Compatibility with Existing Systems

  • Ease of Use

  • Cost Effective

An Example System - Verandah Example

An example of a more fully functional system incorporates a few different elements to improve your businesses core work flow.

Please follow this link to a virtual tour for the example system. This tour should give you a greater understanding of what our product is like.

*PLEASE remember that the QikQuote tour is only an EXAMPLE of what can be done. The whole system can be completely customised and this is just one type of QikQuote application.



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