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QikDraw Systems Privacy Statement

At QikDraw Systems, we respect your right to privacy. We promise never to sell you name or any of its details to a third party without your expressed consent.

Because we feel your privacy is so important, we would like to take this opportunity to describe instances of when information may be collated from you visit to our site and how we might use that information internally.


1. Site Visitation Details

    Information linked to your operating system, browser and internet connection may be recorded in order to determine the traffic of our site and certain pages.

2. 'Bug Report Form' and 'Support Request Form'

    Information filled out in the 'Bug Report Form' will generally be logged to determine what problems there are with current release software to improve our products. Personal details are completely optional and only there so that we may be able to contact you to aid in your experience with the bug or to explore more information about the bug.
    'Support Request Form' information will be logged and emailed to our support staff so that we may be able to get in tough with you about your request/problem.

3. 'Download Educational Version Form'

    Information gathered from this form will be used to determine what kind of people from what backgrounds are trying out our software.


QikDraw Systems may use personal information that it has collected to:
  • Provide you with notices of new information that may be of use or interest to you. This may include newsletters, tutorials, Website update notices, or notification on the availability of new products, product updates, maintenance releases, and beta versions of products.
  • Register licensed copies of the product in your name. We do not keep credit card information as part of your product registration.
  • Determine at our discretion your eligibility to receive product support on evaluation versions of our software.
  • Survey you (and others) in an attempt to improve our Website, our products, or our business.
  • Notify you of third-party products that we believe might be of interest to you. QikDraw Systems will not share personal information with third parties without first obtaining your express consent.
  • Improve the quality of our Website. QikDraw Systems does not collect information about individual users without your knowledge.
  • Help us analyse general traffic patterns throughout our site.


At any time, you may review, change, correct, or remove any personal information including the permitted uses of your personal information and addition of your information to the "do not share" list by contacting QikDraw Systems at:

QikDraw Systems
158 Gouger Street
Adelaide Sa 5000
Phone: +61 (08) 8231 1888

At any time, you may contact QikDraw Systems at the above address with inquiries or complaints regarding your data or the use thereof. QikDraw Systems is committed to responding to all such contacts in a prompt and responsible manner.

Legal Notices


The text and graphic content of QikDraw's World Wide Web and FTP sites may be used, printed and distributed only under the following conditions:

* Permission is first obtained from QikDraw Systems Pty Ltd.
* The content is used for non-commercial purposes only
* Copyright information is displayed (Copyright © 1985-2003, QikDraw Systems Pty Ltd. All Rights Reserved.)
* The content is not modified

If you have any questions, please contact us.


QikDraw Systems respects your right to privacy. Please read our privacy statement above for more information.


The resources that can be accessed with links from www.qikdraw.com.au are not maintained by QikDraw Systems. QikDraw Systems is not responsible for the contents of any such resources. The existence of a link should not be assumed as an endorsement by QikDraw Systems Pty Ltd of the content of the linked page.


Evaluation versions provide a way to obtain and evaluate software, giving users the opportunity to try a program on their own computer before buying it.

While evaluation versions are copyrighted, and the copyright holder retains all rights, the author specifically grants a user the right to freely evaluate and distribute the program AS IT IS DOWNLOADED and completely unmodified.

The use of illegally obtained or unlicenced/unregistered User keys is illegal and all breaches will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


Any problems or inquiries? Contact QikDraw
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