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ONLINE DEMO: Please view our online slideshow demo of QDElect


QDElect is an add-on program for QikDraw designed to improve the efficiency of producing and maintaining electrical drawings.

The key functions are:-

  • Wires can be renumbered in blocks. Breaks in the wiring are automatically taken care of. Connected wires are treated as being the same. Terminals are treated as connectors without affecting the wire number.

  • Terminals can be renumbered in blocks.

  • Relays and switches are cross-referenced.

  • The line numbers corresponding to the switches are displayed adjacent to the relays.

  • When the switches are moved, deleted or copied, the cross-referencing will be automatically updated.

A typical electrical drawing may look like:-

(Click to enlarge

Assumptions: -

  • Drawings are drawn with a basic grid of 5mm in the X direction and 10mm in the Y direction.

  • Lines are drawn orthogonally in accordance with the grid spacings.

  • Wiring line designations are governed by the placement of a reference symbol from the file LINE_NUM.DTA (use the QikDraw command "Symbol:Add Reference Symbol"). The placement point of the reference symbol should be on a grid point.

Symbols are to be inserted in the normal QikDraw manner. For the coils and switches to be cross-referenced and terminals to be renumbered, we need the appropriate Non-Graphics Attributes to be attached to the symbols. These NGA's are attached on placement if the symbols are selected from the symbol files QELECT_1.SYM and QELECT_2.SYM.

Wires junctions are to be designated by inserting the DOT or JUNCTION symbol (symbol 63) from the symbol file QELECT_1.SYM.

A section of the drawing constructed by following the above process may well look like:-

Clicking on the QDElect tool button (picturedright) will activate QDElect and gives you the following options:-

Select "Specify Text" to define the text font and size.

After calling up "Renumber Wires" and "Renumber Terminals", the subDrawing will look like:-

Click on "Define Cross Reference" and select a RELAY symbol. You can specify the identifier for the relay and then select the switches that are associated with this relay.

The line numbers on which the switches are located will be displayed under the description line. References to normally closed switches will have underlining of the corresponding line number. Line numbers are sorted into ascending order.

After defining cross-references, the section of the drawing will look like: -

The QikDraw masking function for the insertion and movement of symbols should be turned on (this function will be turned on when the QDElect Opal Program is activated) to enable the breaking of lines on placement of symbols. For example, the placement of the JUNCTION symbol will break both the horizontal and vertical lines traversing the symbol.

Having activated the QDElect program, moving the switches (or other symbols) will turn on the grid locking without actually displaying the grid.

Automatic Updating

With the cross-referencing defined, moving or deleting the switches or relays will automatically update the group with the same identifier.
Say we are moving the switch 1K1-1 from line 31 to 36. Before move:-

The display after moving (and renumbering of wires) is shown on the next page.
Note that the individual switch numberings and also the reference line displays are updated. Note that lines are automatically broken and restored (QikDraw Masking function).
The same update will occur if one of the cross-referenced switch symbols is deleted or copied. If the relay symbol is deleted, all symbols bearing the same identifier will be deleted.

After moving symbols and automatic updating:-

QDElect can dramatically improve the efficiency in the production of electrical drawing. When it comes to maintaining these drawings, the automatic updating makes the previously painful process a simple and joyful task. The elimination of errors will help to reduce wastage of resources and reduce stress on your staff and your organization.

QikDraw Systems can, upon request and at a modest cost, further modify QDElect to suit your specific requirements.

Feel free to contact us for more information.


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