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QikDraw is a comprehensive professional Computer Aided Design (CAD) product, designed to give you a competitive edge. Using a Windows environment, QikDraw Professional delivers speed, flexibility and value at a price you can afford. At the same time, QikDraw Professional is easy to use and learn, and customisable with a range of add-ons designed for a variety of specific applications.

QikDraw has a broad user base, including industrial and civil clients, to educational institutions, to smaller enterprises. It is a tool used by professionals from many sectors for many purposes, including:

  • Architectural Design (utilising our 3D House add-in package )

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Electronics (utilising our QDElect add-in package )

  • Resource & Land Management

  • Transportation Planning

  • Structural Design

  • Documentation Management

  • Asset Management

  • Environmental Management

  • and many more...

Key Features

QikDraw Professional has a host of features that make it one of the best products for CAD use and beyond.

  • A cost effective fully functional package

  • A long established, reliable product, refined by over 20 years of development

  • Fast 3D Graphical Rendering

  • Fully rendered animations and moving parts (...more info )

  • Flyovers and walkthroughs

  • Compact file sizes relative to other products

  • Program size has small 'footprint'

  • Support for many file types, including AutoCAD's .DWG and .DXF

  • Development of QikLink: (... more info )
    "With the development of QikLink, QikDraw Professional has broadened to involve presentations, documentation, asset management and customer management..."

  • Customisation to meet specific requirements (...more info )

  • Usage of macros to automate processes and increase productivity

  • Slideshow and presentation mode.

  • Import photos, audio and other multimedia

  • For further cost savings, the QikDraw package is available in a 2D only Micro version

  • 100% design, developed and owned in Australia

QikDraw is an award winning product, being recognised by several awards including the Australian Design Award and the 2003 Consensus Software Awards.

Ongoing Support

Also available is valuable Australian-based support. Full annual maintenance is an option most of our customers elect to take up. This service provides the customer with extra features, improvements and upgrades throughout the year, as well as full technical support, should the user experience any difficulty.

  • This allows users access priority "Hot Line" help.
  • You will also receive access to regular software updates whenever an update is released.

  • This allows users to keep their software up to date. When any major update is released, you will receive access to a copy of the updated software.
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    Free Trial Download

    Please feel free to download a trial version of the software. The trial version is for EVALUATION PURPOSES only (unless or for secondary and tertiary students).

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